Nice ,So fucking hard ,Great video. ,I must amit the GUY is great and at the end, does earn his FEE, his CUM/Shot-Does him CREDIT, and its a great TURN/ON 4 me 2, seeing the 2 of them getting his schism, on their FACES ,i Do love the-(POV)- and showing the same scene TWICE, from another ANGLE-so you see the GUY with the CAMERA, its amazing how same clip LOOKS, so much DIFFERENT. ,Now i Know that Rquel/Roper is a LATINO, i,d love 2 see more of her Clips on her OWN OR with other PEOPLE, i so love HER BODY, its great CONTRAST 2 the more BUXOM, Lady FYRE, lastly i love Raquel Ropers, TATS. ,A Great Scene by-(Raquel/Roper)-&-(Lad Watching and saving more of the 2 2gether or when they do their Scene/Clips, seperately. This SCENE has EVERYTHING in it, with 2 MATURE, LADIES, seduces a YOUNG, Man/Guy. ,That bush is nasty. Her face and tits are pretty though. ,Raquel Roper ,What type of camera is that the guy using